The “Sofia University Journal of Educational Research” is an online publication of the University Center for E-Learning, presenting scientific papers dealing with the results of research in the field of education in four issues per year.

The Journal is a successor to the “Sofia University E-Learning Journal”. The editorial board will continue to devote special attention to the publication of research concerned with the state of e-learning in all its shapes and forms in Bulgaria, while the Journal will represent a virtual academic environment uniting the community of scholars and teachers who work towards the creation and application of e-learning models.

A leading task of the Journal is to introduce publications by Ph.D. students, postdoctoral researchers and young scholars within the framework of the project “Development and Improvement of Inter-Faculty Ph.D. Programme in the Sphere of Pedagogical Research and E-Learning at the University of Sofia” (supported by the Human Resources Development Operational Programme) as well as their colleagues from around the country who work on the field of pedagogical research and e-learning.

The Journal publishes scientific papers, synopses, reviews of scientific publications and information about academic conferences, written by established Bulgarian and foreign scholars, as well as by doctoral students presenting their research and parts of their dissertations.

The “Sofia University Journal of Educational Research” will present material arranged in the following categories:

  • Studies and articles
  • Synopses and reviews
  • Events and projects

The Journal publishes articles in Bulgarian and English.