The authors


The texts in all categories of the “Sofia University Journal of Educational Research” are the property of their authors and are published with their express permission. Authors carry full responsibility for the resolving of any copyright issues with regard to the respective publishers in case of previous publication(s) of their texts.


The Journal publishes articles in Bulgarian and English; every article has to start with a section including an annotation and key words in Bulgarian and English. Submitted articles are reviewed by two experts and subsequently presented to the editorial board for approval and inclusion in an upcoming issue of the Journal. Articles that do not concur with the requirements and standards of the Journal may be returned to their authors with recommendations for
revision. After an article is accepted for publication, the author or authors are requested to fill out a form stating their consent for the work to be published in the respective issue of the Journal.

REQUIREMENTS for the graphical layout of articles published in the “Sofia University Journal of Educational Research”

I. The length of the articles should not exceed 20 standard pages or 36,000 characters (including references, tables, images, footnotes and addenda). Other materials – reviews, information about events and projects, should not exceed 10 standard pages or 18,000 characters. Materials are to be submitted in Word format. In case you are submitting a PDF file, please enclose a second version of the text and all addenda in Word format.

II. For materials in English:

1. The text is to be formatted as follows:

Title – Times New Roman, size 14, Bold, Centered, Caps Lock

blank line

First and family name of author/authors – Times New Roman, size 12, Regular, Centered

blank line

Abstract – no more than 5 lines, Times New Roman, size 10

blank line

Key words – no more than 6, Times New Roman, size 10

blank line

Body text – Times New Roman, size 12, Regular, Justified, First Line 1,27cm

References – Times New Roman, size 10, Regular, Justified, First Line 1,27cm, Hanging by 1cm

Short information about the author/authors – institution, position, contact information – Times New Roman, size 10

2. Citations in the text need to have the following form: (Malone & Lepper 1987: 225) or (Malone & Lepper 1987: 225-230) or (Malone & Lepper 1987: 225, 227, 230), i.e. the name of the author(s) and the year of publication, followed by a colon and the cited page(s), and surrounded by parentheses.

3. References are to be placed at the end of the article and sorted alphabetically, e.g.;

Garrison et al. 1999: Garrison, D.R., Anderson, T., Archer, W. Critical inquiry in a text based environment: computer conferencing in higher education. The Internet and Higher Education, 2 (2-3): 87-105, 1999.

Malone & Lepper 1987: Malone, T.W., Lepper, M.R. Making learning fun: A taxonomy of intrinsic motivations for learning. In R.E. Snow & M.J. Farr (Eds.), Aptitude, Learning and Instruction III: Conative and Affective Process Analyses (pp. 223-253). Hilsdale, NJ: Erlbaum, 1987.

The name of a monograph, a periodical or an edited volume needs to be italicised. To differentiate between publications by the same author(s) from a single year, use the letters a, b, c.

When citing Internet sources, the date of access has to be specified as follows: (accessed on 19/02/2012).

4. Notes are to be placed at the bottom of the respective page as footnotes. Images and tables are to be numbered and labelled.

5. Thanks and acknowledgements of support by an organisation, foundation, etc. are to be included after the list with references – Times New Roman, size 12.

6. Short information about the author/authors is to be included at the end of the text – institution, position, contact information – Times New Roman, size 10.